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Business Financial Planning


Business Financial Planning

Corporate financial planning is about far more than arranging employee benefits and pensions. It involves making certain you've taken all the right measures to be in the best position to achieve your business goals, grow your business and take and the necessary steps to protect your business.

Business Protection

If you own your own business you will need to consider what might happen if you or a key employee became ill and were unable to work? Or if you or a key employee died? Business protection can ensure your company can continue to operate no matter what eventualities may occur.

Employee Benefits

Looking after your employees will assist you in both recruiting and retaining high calibre members of staff. We invest time in getting to know your business goals in order to advise you on the most suitable employee benefits that will fit together with your business plans before we make a recommendation.

Solutions could include: Flexible benefits, pensions, death in service compensation, group income protection insurance, group critical illness cover or group private medical insurance.

We would be happy to recommend suitable plans for you and your employees either for a range of benefits or focusing on a specific area.

Directors' Pensions

Pensions remain one of the most tax-efficient ways for business owners and company directors to save for their retirement.

Any company contributions will normally receive Corporation Tax relief whilst you will receive tax relief at your highest marginal rate on any personal contributions (subject to certain limits).

A pension can be a way of extracting business profits tax-efficiently for the benefit of a director or business owner.

This will grow free from most taxation, provide a tax-free lump sum and an income afterwards, when you decide to retire or take the benefits.

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